CALCAS Special Symposium: Towards New LCA: interdisciplinary research strategies and lines for life cycle based analysis for sustainability governance. The Symposium will take place within SETAC Europe 19th Annual Meeting in Goteborg, Sweden, 31May-4 June 2009. Please find attached the draft programme.

CALCAS-ESF Workshop in Brussels, 17-20 Februray 2009. The set-up of the four days meeting is as follows: § The two-days workshop (17-18 February) with external input on how to develop research strategies and lines and exemplary research programmes (programme attached). Please find attached the programme. Participants: Invited speakers and audience: domain specialists in the fields adjoining to life cycle analysis of products and technologies, also including research programmers, and the CALCAS team. § A one-day In-project Reflection on strategies and programmes (19 February), drawing main lines and setting up an outline for a programming roadmap, preparatory to the fourth day. Participants: CALCAS team only. § A one-day Research Programming Meeting (20 February), with input from research programmers, and also preliminary steps in dissemination activities, through them (programme attached). Participants: CALCAS team and Research programmers from three distinct groups: • ESF • National Research Councils; Research organisations (Institutes; Universities • EU research funders (ERC; DG Research; JRCs; other DGs; ….) Please find attached the programme. The deadline for registration is 27th January 2009. Please find attached the registration form.

SAM 2- Call for paper 1st circular of 2nd International Seminar on Society and Materials - 24-25 April 2008, Nantes, France. This workshop is the second one in a series that ambitions to regularly bring together various disciplines interested in the relationship between society and materials. This includes social scientists, economists, engineers, materials scien-tists, industrial ecologists, etc. Thus, for example, historians, anthro-pologists, LCA practitioners, designers and ecodesigners or literary eco-critics are welcome. The deadline for the call for paper is November 30th

FP7 2nd call for proposals: INFO DAY announcement. On December 13th in Brussels an Infomration Day will be organised in order to provide information on the various topics of the FP7-2nd call related to Environmental Technologies, and to allow potential participants in consortia to share project ideas or to propose their specific competence for the creation of project partnership. PLease find attached the brochure, the programme and the registration form. The deadline for registration is th 7th December 2007

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New event: CALCAS conference at LCM2007, Sunday August 26 2007, Zurich. During the conference, the CALCAS approach and its first results will be presented and discussed. All those interested in the topic are welcome...find more

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